Program, Initiative, Project Workgroups

Staff the workgroup from project, initiative or program leaders:

Business Owner, Executive Sponsor, Program Director, Technology leads, Project Managers, Subject Matter Experts, Finance, Business Communication, Legal

Emphasis placed on problem & issue management to support the project, initiative, or program

  • Soft skills transfer in leadership, communication, facilitation & issue management

  • Personal "advisory" board to identify alternatives & validate decisions

  • Accountability mechanism to check in on member commitments, actions and results

Workgroup objectives:

  • Enhance leadership team collaboration

  • Leverage problem and issue management to support the program

  • Cultivate greater cohesion between business and technology personnel

  • Improve workgroup member technical, soft and business skills

PIP Summit Meeting

The PIP Summit Meeting is a multi day team event to establish (or re-establish) program footing focusing on:

  • Program Governance
  • Alignment on Scope & Objectives
  • Risk Management Assessment
  • Resource Planning – High Level Contention
  • Project Plan Baseline & High Level Schedule
  • Estimates & Budget