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 According to John Kotter of the Harvard Business School, “Successful corporations don’t wait for leaders to come along, they actively seek out people with leadership potential and develop them.”

The 2006 SHRM Talent Management survey concludes that the top four areas of improvement for Talent Management programs are: 

  • Encouraging career growth and development opportunities 
  • Identifying gaps in employee competency levels
  • Creating a culture that made employees want to stay with the organization
  • Building a deeper reservoir of successors at every level
This Webinar presents an effective, leading edge leadership / professional development model that addresses the reality that urgent, day-to-day activities often get in the way of successfully developing an organization's leaders.
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13 Steps to Implementing The PDA sm: Webinar Registration
The Professional Development Accountability model has been engineered to overcome the barriers to success encountered by traditional Leadership and Professional Development methods. 

But implementing the model is not for the faint of heart. If implemented incorrectly, the results will be limited. If done properly, the resulting intensity, effort and accountability translates into real value for the member, the executive sponsor and the organization. 

This Webinar presents the five key areas necessary for successful implementation of the PDA:

  • Expertise
  • Process & Methods
  • Resources
  • Intensity & Emphasis
  • Accountability

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